Independent Women’s Day

Hi, my name is Molly, I work within the Other Monkey Brewing establishment as a bartender.

I feel really privileged to be collaborating with our very own head brewer Aaron to bring light to International Women’s Day. This is something I feel really passionate about! As someone who works in the music industry personally, I know that some industries are very male-dominated.

When brewing my beer, I want the stereotypical stigma that beer is just for men to vanish! And I want women to know there’s nothing more ladylike than having a good pint.

As my beer is for International Women’s Day, I would love for people to reflect on the women who have made a massive impact on their lives and help them shape them into who they are today!

I’ve had 3 women in my life that have helped me become me. That is Lisa smith Millie Manders and finally my mum they have all shaped me into the woman I want to be and still helping me develop.

Hopefully, my Peach IPA will attract a lot of female and male customers and will bring attention to International Women’s Day!



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